Valley Hill Rocketeer Slicer

$21.95 $19.95

SIZE –  3.5
WEIGHT –  15g
COULOURS – 13 colour combinations
FEATURES – Rocketeer tail system and plate head



The Valley Hill Rocketeer Slicer seeks to combine traditional design with modern ingenuity. Its unique, patented design provides the angler with a number of different options to adapt the jig to suit the fishing conditions.

Two main differences from a standard jig.

Firstly, it hasthe ‘Rocketeer’ tail system, a casting system that can be used to gain extra distance. It’s a simple rubber toggle that you place on your line before attaching the jig. Before casting you slip the toggle onto a prong, which comes off the tines of the jig. This elongates the jig, pointing the weight of the jig forward, so you can maximise your casting distance.

Duel tow points on the unique metal plate head provide two key adjustments. Firstly, they provide a change to the angle at which the jig sinks, and secondly, how it reacts on the retrieve.

From the unique metal plate head to the ‘Rocketeer’ tail system, the Valley Hill Rocketeer Slicer is a real feat of Japanese design and engineering.

Additional information

Weight37 g
Dimensions19.5 × 3.7 × 2 cm



#01-Natural Asia, #02-Green Asia, #03-Bright Pink, #04-Bright Orange, #05-Bright Parrot, #06-Pink Shrimp, #07-Orange Shrimp, #08-Purple Shrimp, #09-Dark Green Asia, #10-Brown Shrimp, #11-Laser Urime, #12-Laser Scarlet, #13-Laser Lyric