Sunlight Chemical Light Stick


Lasts 12 hours


Easy to use

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Sunlight Chemical Light stick, also known as a glow stick measuring 4.5 x 39mm (5 packets)

Fishing at night involves a lot of fun and excitement, but can be difficult and risky due to poor visibility. Proper lighting is necessary to ease fishing in the dark and also to protect from various mishaps. Glow sticks are one of the popular lighting sources for night fishing.

Features like inexpensive, light-weight, easy to use, etc. make them ideal accessories for night-time fishing.

The Sunlight Chemical Light stick has other unique and helpful features making them the perfect addition for night fishing.

Keep track of your line in the water; attach one to a float, or as a running setup on the line. Attached a glow stick to your fishing rod, this enables you to observe the movement of the rod tip as the fish bites. A variety of fishes including tuna, swordfish, salmon, snapper, etc. get attracted towards the glowing light, just attach a light stick to your lure, bait or fishing lines and watch the predators attack.

Let the fish know your bait is there!

The Sunlight Chemical Light glow stick will make your bait more visible to fish from a greater distance. They illuminate an area from about 10 to 100 feet underwater, letting your target fish know that dinner is served! A number of the marine life emit green light due to bio-luminescence, such as squid. This is why green coloured glow sticks are preferred and widely used for night fishing to attract fish.

Grab a pack for your next night time fishing adventure.