DTD White Killer Oita Squid Jigs


5 vivid colors
strong blue glow effect
double weight = excellent balance
stainless steel hooks + ring
transparent luminous body
sound effect

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The DTD White Killer Oita is a new squid jig by DTD, which includes most of the Croatian company’s latest manufacturing innovations

There are several special unique characteristics.

The DTD White Killer Oita is made in the shape of a shrimp to facilitate casting. It has an external and internal weight – DTD calls it the Double Weight System – for perfect balance and precision casting from the shore

In White Killer, DTD applied a Dual Phosphor Technology to enhance eging success in low light conditions. Its body has a distinctive UV glowing effect with an intense S-shaped line, in blue phosphorus, which is visible over long distance. The DTD label on the top of the product is also UV active, which increases visibility of the squid jig in dark conditions

DTD has perfected the Transparent Contrast Effect. Sunlight goes through the transparent body of the DTD White Killer Oita making most the body characteristics stand out to resemble a live shrimp

DTD have done it again with the the striking DTD White Killer Oita squid jig

Ideal for all conditions, irresistible and deadly to squid.

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Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White


2.5, 3.0, 3.5